Any group of people who are without good leadership will soon be out of control, and a series of bad decisions will be made by those in that group of people that will negatively impact all in the group. That is a basic law of life. The group might be a family, a business, a sports network, a church, a cultural group within a country or the whole country. A major problem in the United States today is that the number of good leaders has dropped appreciably. I am not talking about people with power as a result of being made a boss or having won an election, but regular people who have convictions, high moral standards, vision, good ideas, and know how to influence their work place, their community, their family, their church, and an ever growing sphere of people positively.

Leadership is a skill that is first learned and then earned by integrity and faithfulness. Strong, visionary, moral leaders have become effective by learning lessons progressively that they have put into practice in their life. If the number of these kind of leaders increases then the United States will turn around, and if the number continues to decrease the state of being out of control will continue to get worse and worse.

The first stage of leadership development in the life of any person is learning and acquiring the principles, the skills, and the self-control to effectively lead ourselves. No person will ever be a positive influence on others until they can lead themselves. People who have become effective self-leaders soon influence a growing number of people in a variety of ways.

One of the most effective tools available to us for self-leadership is goal setting. A goal is our personal vision statement, a target for what we want to accomplish and become in our life. The implementation and accomplishment of our goals requires self-leadership, and the more we set goals and successfully accomplish them the more skilled we will have become at self-leadership.

Most people don’t set goals. It is to much of a bother. It requires to much self-discipline. It takes to much effort and time. It seems to me that the desire to be in control of our own life instead of our flesh, the world, and the devil would be enough to motivate us to take the time and make the effort to set goals, even a few and pursue them.

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