I write regularly about self-control because it is so important in living a righteous and holy life. Most Christians don’t plan on sinning, they just can’t seem to win in the wrestling match with the devil, the world, and their own flesh, and they don’t know how to get strong enough to win that daily war. Self-control is exactly what it sounds like, controlling self, which is doing what you want to do instead of what the devil wants you to do, doing what you know is the right thing instead of what the world pressures you into doing, and doing the hard thing that produces results instead of the easy stuff that your flesh is addicted to.

The apostle Paul often compares living the Christian life with athletics. In 1 Corinthians 9:24 he says that athletes exercise self-control in every area of their life to win a prize that will not last, but Christians exercise self-control in every area of their life to win a prize that will last for all eternity.

The key to growing in self-control is to focus on the finish line, the day we stand before Jesus at the judgment seat of Christ and are held accountable for the life we have lived for Him and are rewarded for what we have done with our life that matters.

Every morning in my prayer of commitment, I pray to the LORD and say, “today, Lord Jesus, I will live my life as of it is the last day I have before I stand before you and give an account of what I have done and am rewarded for my accomplishments for the Lord.

Self-control is all about what motivates you.

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