You Dirty Rotten Sinner

One of the biggest problems Christians have as they pursue holiness is their judgmental attitude toward others. It is hard to move towards being holy as Jesus is holy without noticing all those around us who are standing still or even going backward. It is a tricky thing to remain humble and non-judgmental as we conqueror sin habits in our life, but we must do it; otherwise, we will go right back where we were and probably even further.

There are several keys to remaining humble and non-judgmental as we grow. The first is that we recognize that we supplied nothing in the pursuit of our righteousness accept our submission and humility at the beginning of the journey. There is not much to get prideful about if He did it all. This admission and attitude is essential to getting His power and in keeping it.

The second key is to be constantly examining our own life for character flaws and sin. We need to be ruthless in this step of our journey towards Christ-like behavior. Our flesh is notoriously bad about excusing, blaming, ignoring, justifying, and pretending. We tend to compare ourselves with other people because then we look pretty good, but what we need to do is compare ourselves with Jesus not others.

As we examine our own life honestly with no pretending, justifying, or blaming we then need to confess all known sin to God. To confess sin means that we own it, totally, we did it, no excuses. When we do that God forgives and cleanses and we grow.

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