The End

Books, novels, and movies have an ending. When I was in High School, college, and a young adult I read a lot of novels. I used to go to the last chapter of the book and read it first so I knew how it ended as I was reading the story. That sort of takes the suspense out of the story, and most don’t do that, I couldn’t help myself.

One-third of the Bible is prophecy, and much of the prophecies in the Bible tell us what the end of the story is. I read and study the prophetic books and passages a lot, I read many books and commentaries written about those prophetic books in the Bible, and I listen to teaching and sermons on prophecy.

There is a lot of weird and goofy teaching about end-time events on the internet that comes from poor hermeneutics and a hyper-imagination by the authors or speakers that is said to come from the Holy Spirit.

One thing is clear to me as I read and study the book of Revelation, Daniel, and the other prophetic books in the Bible; we are getting close to the end of the story. The end is relative because time is such a non-issue with God, but nevertheless, I believe we are in the last chapter of God’s plan for this earth.

One clear aspect of the end is the acceleration of events, things will happen, and change will occur faster and faster. I don’t know how things could be happening any faster than they already are, but I bet they do.

All stories have a plot, a theme that all events revolve around. God’s plan from the very beginning of the story has been to create a family, a family of God that would live with Him forever. Every person who has ever lived and is alive now is either in the family of God or not.

So, the most important question for anybody, for everybody to ask themselves is, “Am I in God’s family?” Those people who are not in his family when the end comes have a very sad ending to their story. The answer to the question needs to be based on what God requires as revealed in the Bible, not our personal opinions.

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