My Drift Boat

I spent the first two weeks building a 17-foot drift boat while fishing in Alaska. The core of the boat is honeycomb plastic and covered with fiberglass. The plastic is 3/4 inches thick and flexible enough to bend to the shape of the boat. I have four layers of 10 oz fiberglass cloth and epoxy resin on the bottom and two layers on the sides and inside. The 9-foot oars were $900 for a pair, so I made them out of a spruce 2×4, they turned out good. I bought the material in Anchorage and had it shipped to Soldotna. I stayed busy and only slept for about four hours each day as I fished and worked on the boat every day. It was a nice challenge which I enjoyed very much. I got the boat done with just one day of fishing left, but it is ready for next year. When I get here next year I will sand it all down getting rid of all the epoxy runs, bumps, and fiberglass seams. Then I will give it a couple coats if epoxy and repaint it so it looks beautiful and professionally done. I will also build a trailer for it and put some nice seats in it. That should only take me a couple of days and then I will do a bunch of fishing out of it, and discover all the hot spots on the river.

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