Routine and Schedules

Normally in my life I operate by routine and schedules, and it is usually pretty tight as I try to make good use of every minute of the day. Up here in Alaska at fish camp I have no routine or schedule, everything changes every day depending on the fish, they control my life!

Last night we started fishing at 10:00 pm with the intention to stay until 7:00 am, but there wasn’t a lot of fish in the river so we came back and went to bed at 2:00 am.

I wouldn’t like living my life doing whatever, whenever, but for a couple of weeks it is refreshing. I have 73 goals, a dozen commitments, every minute of the day is in my scheduler which I check about every 30 minutes, routine, schedules, goals, and commitments are how I operate normally, but a break from the “normal routines” occasionally keeps my purpose in life strong and focused.

When it is time to get on the airplane and fly home I will be ready to get back to the routine, but now I am enjoying total randomness.

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