Fishing in Alaska

First-day fishing went fair. Three of us fished from 10:00 pm until midnight and caught five fish, still pretty slow, but lots of fun. I am going to build a 16-foot fiberglass drift boat in the next couple of days and fish at night. Having a boat will add a lot to our fishing experience.

I am doing good reading my Bible, praying, memorizing, but I think I am in trouble with Patty. I got busy fishing and forgot to call or text. I will do better.

3 thoughts on “Fishing in Alaska

  1. Don Switzer

    Hi Dee.

    Nice catch of fish me and the wife look forward to joining you all Wednesday of next week.

    On another note a friend went out of Depoe bay last Wednesday and landed 38 tuna, I be leave they where out 40 miles. When ocean conditions are rite we will make our run tight lines.



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