My Mind

I don’t know how other people’s minds work, I only know my own. My mind dreams a lot. I imagine all day long about something in the future that I am looking forward to. I visualize the event the way I am hoping it will happen, over and over again, each time with more detail and more adventure. Once I get into it, I imagine in full, vivid color, and I hear the sounds that go with the event as well.

I am going to Alaska fishing on Sunday, and I have been catching Sockeye salmon all day long for several weeks in my mind. The cool thing about my imagination is that every cast is perfect, the fish fighting sequences are better than the best fishing shows, and the size of the fish is amazing.

Because I have been to Alaska a lot over the years my imagination is building on actual experiences which makes my dreams seem much more credible, and gets me ten times more excited. If you have talked to me lately I apologize for what I am sure came across as distracted and uninterested in whatever you were talking about.

Mixed in with the various events coming up in the next six months, my mind probably spends more time on heaven now than any other event. As I get older with more aches and pains and the world becoming more frustrating, I think a lot about heaven in great detail.

In thinking about it I become more and more excited about going there so my impending death seems like a step into wonderland with no fear or apprehension attached to it at all. I think of people who have been so fearful of getting COVID and dying, and I wonder about their faith.

I read the Bible a lot and I memorize Bible verses for about 40 minutes a day. I am sure that the volume of the Word of God that has saturated my mind is a major reason why my anticipation of heaven is so strong and so real, and my fear of death is virtually nonexistent.

It is a great way to live life, especially amid the present craziness of the world.

1 thought on “My Mind

  1. katrinasbiologyblog

    Thanks, Dee! I’m like you.. excited about Heaven.. but not quite the imagination you have. Thank you for praying for me every week.. we’re finishing up 4 weeks in NH and I’m happy to report that almost every day (24/28) I spent time reading my Bible and praying.. Ephesians mostly. Have a great trip!! Katrina

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