111 degrees! Wow, That is Hot!

A growing area of pseudo-science today driven by liberal politicians is the “man-caused global warming crisis.” The global warming frenzy and resulting fear in our culture is a deliberate plan to control our culture. If weather and temperature change is happening, it is God-caused, and He is doing it for a reason.

“There are other voices – climate realists and real scientists – who have been speaking out for years about the pseudoscience associated with climate alarmism. One of them is Dr. Fulks. Gordon J. Fulks, Ph.D. is a physicist, originally from the University of Chicago’s Laboratory for Astrophysics and Space Research. He is currently one of the Directors of the CO2 Coalition, a group of prominent scientists and economists who point out that carbon dioxide and water vapor are the entirely beneficial byproducts of our civilization. He has been fighting the good fight against knaves and fools pushing climate alarmists’ draconian economic solutions for a nonexistent problem that have become manifested in a “Green New Deal.””

Evolution is a theory with no real scientific support. Over the years those who believe in evolution would declare that those who believed that God created everything that exists in six days were ignoring the science and were dumbheads. This attack was repeated so much that strong, Bible believing Christians would often compromise their belief so as not to appear dumb to the unbelieving world. There are many real scientists who have proven that the supposed science that supports evolution is indeed pseudo-science.

The worst thing about the mask mandate, the business shut down, and the isolation of people to the point of shutting down schools and churches this last year was the claim that it was based on science, “just follow the science.” It was pseudo-science driven by the media, politicians, and medical companies. Now that the push and pressure to get everyone to conform is coming to an end, the lack of real scientific support is becoming more and more evident. It had about as much real science backing as my Dad’s belief that castrating our pigs under a full moon would result in faster-growing pigs!

There are many real scientists out there in the world, but they don’t get quoted by the politicians or media; in fact, they most often get ignored, restricted, fined, ridiculed, and falsely attacked.

The best sign that something is being driven by psedo-science is when it starts being used as a club to intimate and force people to a particular agenda, and when it produces disunity.

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