Bicycle Trip 2021

With the way my recent fishing trips went, with every thing going wrong that possibly could go wrong I was a bit nervous about our bicycle trip that we started today, but everything went super well. No flats, no dogs, no break downs, no mosquitos, no head wind, rumble strips were not a problem, my butt didn’t hurt to bad, my neck didn’t hurt, my legs were in decent shape, and though there was a ton of trafic, no one yelled at us, honked at us, or ran us over! Man, bicycle trips don’t get much better than that!

Much of the shoulder on the road was non-existant so we rode on the white line. Cars and trucks passed us one after the other as people were headed to Detroit Lake but they gave us plenty of room. All the traffic buzzing around you could make you nervous if you let it. A lot of people today are nervous, scared, and anxious about every little thing under the sun, and rarely ever attempt to do anything with a shred of risk involved in it. The phrase, “be safe” has gone to seed with it’s overuse. My brothers and I spent many hours working on the farm with “antique”, near worn out farm machinery but no one ever had a serious accident as Dad was always nagging us about safety. He was also a super nag on gun safety as we hunted and shot at targets. But he let us float down the raging White Salmon River on a tractor inner tube, and thought nothing of it, though I doubt many would attempt it today.

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