Hook in my Finger

Today we fished for Shad on the Colombia River again, and we had a great time catching fish non-stop. As I was getting the hook out of a Shad the hook accidentally stuck into my finger. It went in we’ll past the barb and I couldn’t get it out. So I did the macho fisherman thing and pushed the hook through the skin on the other side of my finger, and cut the point of the hook off with the barb with some wire cutters. I was then able to pull the hook out of my finger. The hook had fish blood all over it so I imagine my finger will be swole up a bit tomorrow. As long as it doesn’t interfere with my fishing.

My son-in-law Aaron and my two grandsons, Duke and Rock from Oahu, will be fishing with me tomorrow. Duke and Rock are crazy about fishing, so I am anxious to take them tomorrow. Not much in life equals fishing with grandsons.

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