I went and watched my 9-year-old grandson Courage play in a baseball game today. Every year a group of us drive up together and watch a Mariner’s game. The trip up to Seattle with a group of friends to watch a professional major league baseball game is a lot of fun, especially when we get seats just a dozen rows up from first base, and especially when we pig out on hotdogs and other treats while watching the game, and then stop halfway home for a steak dinner at a nice restaurant. But as much fun as that is, I think I enjoyed the game today more.

When our eight kids were in school and playing basketball, volleyball, and football, I used to yell my fool head off at games and then be hoarse for the next couple of days. It has been quite a few years since those days so I was a bit intimidated to yell today, not wanting to embarrass myself or my grandson, I must have picked up some vanity in my old age.

I did pray none-stop for him as I watched. I prayed that sports would be a great tool to develop a spirit of passion, drive, and desire in him that would be a key character trait as he gets older so that he will bear much fruit for the Lord. I prayed that the desire to win would motivate him to be very diligent to be the best that he can be. I prayed for his coach that he would motivate and encourage him and not discourage him and that in the coaching process, Courage would become very teachable in spirit. I prayed that his ability to play the game of baseball with his teammates in unity and comradery would shape him so that when he gets older he could work together with others in his church to accomplish great things for the Lord. I especially prayed that if he were to become good at baseball and or other sports, he would not become prideful as so many athletes do.

The Apostle Paul used sports as an illustration for living the Christian life a lot. What it takes to become a successful athlete is very close to what it takes to be a champion for Jesus, so I am going to keep praying for all of my grandkids every day.

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