I Am So, So Tired

Have you ever said that or heard others say that? Sure you have; almost everybody says it either to themselves in their self-talk or out loud for anybody and everybody to hear. Our energy level is a significant factor in how much we accomplish with our life that matters. I am 72 years old and I don’t have the physical energy that I had even a few years ago, so I am making up for it in emotional energy, mental energy, spiritual energy, and a high level of motivation.

There are many medical and physical reasons for tiredness, but there is a rapidly growing number of people who complain about being tired, but it isn’t physical fatigue but mental, emotional, and spiritual depression caused by overexposure to all of the negative, stupid, sinful, rotten, absurd, and demonic stuff going on in our country. Here are my personal rules for staying highly motivated every day.

1. I limit my news reading to 15 minutes maximum. The media has become so negative and manipulating that spending too much time watching or reading will suck the life out of you.

2. I never say out loud that I am tired, and if I think it I quote Isaiah 40:31 in my head immediately.

3. Grumbling and complaining are a significant killer of motivation and emotional energy, so I work hard at never doing it.

4. I work hard to thank the Lord all day long for everything, every experience, every person, and everything I touch that is mine.

5. I spend an hour every day in Bible reading and prayer, and I ask God for strength over and over all day long. He loves to give strength to those who ask for it so I am going to ask a lot.

6. I read my goals every day. Goals that are noble and big inspire and motivate.

7. I write a to-do list every day, check it often, compete with myself to get everything on it crossed off.

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