Old Age

Last night at about 2:00 am, I heard Patty’s chickens squawking, so I went out to chase off whatever was harassing them, and I fell going down the steps from our back deck and landed on my tailbone. It was just awkwardness on my part; the steps weren’t wet or icy; I just stepped wrong and lost my balance. This morning when I got up to go to 7:00 am prayer at JBC for our services, I was in extreme pain and couldn’t walk or stand, so I went back to bed. I called the church and told them I couldn’t teach my two leadership classes or my Prophecy Classes. Patty got up and got me five ibuprofen pills, helped me to the bathroom, and now I am on my way to full recovery. I think I bruised my tailbone pretty good, but I don’t think there is any serious damage done. I am getting waited on and pampered, and Roscoe is lying on the bed with me, commiserating with me as he licks my face.

It just goes to show you the unpredictableness of life, going out to rescue chickens and end up stuck in bed. That wasn’t my plan, but now I have a new plan. Get well rested up, do a bunch of extra memorizing of Bible verses, write a couple of different blogs on my Ipad to get ahead on that, and get my Wednesday night service sermon done. I am taking it by faith that I will be up to teaching on Wednesday night. My main concern is that I am scheduled to go steelhead fishing on Friday on the Siletz river, and I for sure don’t want to miss that.

The main thing that I try to remember now and practice is to don’t do the “shoulda, if only, why me, poor me, ” self-talk. Instead, “thank You Lord that I still get to do something that matters, even if it is from the bed, thank You for the needed rest, thank You for my caring family and dog, and thank You for my many friends who are praying for me.”

Wow, this so much fun I think I will do it again tomorrow😀!

4 thoughts on “Old Age

  1. Barbara J Regas

    It appears that all the prayers heading your way – are working! Missed you this morning, however, wanted to let you know that Pastor Mike did an outstanding job. Enjoy your needed rest and hope to see you this coming Sunday.


  2. Mike Wilde

    It’s a bummer to be hurt, but it’s a blessing to know that there are family and friends who love you and care for you. Patty gets a gold star ⭐️, and I will pray for you as one of your friends. You are loved, Dee!


  3. Craig Morton

    Love you Pastor Dee … Great outlook, as always. Praying for speedy complete recovery, and a great day of fishing Friday. You were missed this morning, but Pastor Mike did a great job filling in.


  4. bosskobill

    Sorry for your fall… I’ve had several … I can appreciate what you are going through. I especially like your attitude! Unless someone discovers a new thought on it, “poor me”, gains me nothing. So… knowing you a tad bit, I’d have phoned the United Press and the para-medics if you had come across with anything close to …. “poor me”! You are so often an inspiration. Thank you. And thanks for that tree cutters info….an answer to prayer!!!!!



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