A close family

When all eight of our kids were home they were all going to school, playing sports, taking piano lessons, involved in church, and busy at home with chores. In the midst of all the business of a large family our family was close, everyone got along well, and even though there were a few disagreements we were a unified, loving family. Those were the best years of my life, the most enjoyable and rewarding, and now are the source of many good memories.

Jefferson Baptist church is not perfect but we are a good church. We are a church that I enjoy being part of because of the unity and love that is in it. We are a spiritual family that cares for one another, encourages one another and accepts one another. The reason that we are a blessed church is because we are a praying church. The more a church prays together, the more love will be in that church; it is a law of God. Occasionally there are people who don’t seem to be able to fit into the body and most of the time it is because they are too busy to join us for prayer. When we pray together, God joins us; He manifests His presence, and the result is an incredible feeling of joy.

Starting on Monday we will be having a major prayer event. We call it our “Five Days of Prayer, ” we have four of them each year. We pray 10 hours every day, 5 to 10 morning and evening, five hours in the morning and five hours in the evening. I will pray for about 30 hours during the five days and there are many who will pray much more than I will and a number who will pray for all 50 hours.

You could join us if you live in the area, I invite you to discover the experience of supernatural joy that comes from being in God’s presence.

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