Calling People Names

When I was a kid my Mom said, “ don’t ever call anyone else a name , it is wrong.” When we raised our eight kids we taught them that calling people names was wrong. When I say “wrong” I am saying that God declares it to be wrong.

Calling people names is what weak people do. We all try to control people. We try to get them to believe what we believe and have the same values that we have. There is nothing wrong with that, we persuade, we debate, we sell, we teach and preach all in an attempt to influence others. When a weak person fails to change another person’s view or behavior they call them a name. It is like having an arm wrestling contest with someone, and they slam your arm to the table and you then call them a name. It is incredibly childish, but adults do it all the time, it has become a major part of our culture. As much as I appreciated many of the decisions President Trump made while he was in office, his practice of calling opponents names was a major weakness in his leadership.

A major leadership principle is that God is sovereign, totally sovereign. That means no human being leads or changes anything without God giving them the authority and allowing them to do so. He loves to give His sovereignty to those who do things right. Today people attempt to lead by intimidation and fear. That isn’t leadership, it is lording it over people and it only works as long as you can keep people intimidated and fearful. It wears off eventually and usually quickly.

Regularly people will disagree with an opinion or view that I express in this blog. Some express that difference strongly but graciously, but others simply insult my character, motive, and intelligence. I guess they think that makes them the winner, but it doesn’t, it makes them the loser in everyone’s eyes but their own.

The name that seems most used now by politicians, the media, and the elite is “racist”. If someone disagrees with our view we call them a racist. It also seems that the person who says it the most often and the loudest assumes themselves the winner, but the truth is, there is no winner. It is like two people playing chess and as one player begins to gain an advantage the other player upends the board. He hasn’t won he just prevented the other person from winning, a very frustrating way to live life for those who know how to play chess right.

The sad thing is that those who call others racists as a way of controlling or intimidating others aren’t solving the racism problem or making it better, they are making it worse.

9 thoughts on “Calling People Names

  1. Korin Sanders

    I can’t believe people would write to argue with you about this blog. And then insult you about it? Wow. I’m sorry you have to put up with that. I am praying for you.


    1. Steve Kariker

      Hebrews 7:7 says “And without question, the person who has the power to give a blessing is greater than the one who is blessed.” I agree with your analysis Dee. The scripture makes it clear, as does all of nature, that real power is rooted in the authoritative manner in which we can bestow real, true, eternal blessing, the ONLY source being God Himself – James 1:16-18. Of course people will argue and insult, but this is merely a demonstration of an unregenerate thought process (myself guilty). We have the authority to bless ourselves and others with prayer, truth, and standing courageously in the face of tyranny (slander, name calling, cancelled). What opportunities await Gods children – John 4:34-38.

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  2. Beveerlee Hilton

    Now adays people are so “touchy” you can hardly say anything. We are forced to be politically correct, we can’t find words to express ourselves without offending someone. Most the time i just don’t say much to people. You can always tell them they look nice, you like their outfit, like their house, or car. But anything that really has value to share, we have to “tame” down to talk to each individual as we believe they can tolerate. 🤔just sad.

    On Thu, Jan 28, 2021 at 10:23 PM Pastor Dee’s Blog wrote:

    > deefduke posted: ” When I was a kid my Mom said, “ don’t ever call anyone > else a name , it is wrong.” When we raised our eight kids we taught them > that calling people names was wrong. When I say “wrong” I am saying that > God declares it to be wrong. Calling people names ” >


  3. Jim Saemenes

    Dee, I appreciate your thoughts on this subject and we taught our children similarly. (This same line of thinking was used for using foul or coarse language, cursing, etc., those that use these types of words only do so because they do not have good use of our language.) But your post prompted some additional questions/thoughts. How do we distinguish between using a name that speaks of the character of someone or a group of people vs calling someone a name? It seems Jesus, John the Baptist, Paul, etc. called some people names. A couple that popped to mind were “a brood of vipers”, “whitewashed tombs”, “blind leaders”. What do you think distinguishes these from our name-calling? How do you see these and other examples in scripture? How do we distinguish between the two?


    1. deefduke Post author

      Jim, great to see you at JBC though I have not had a chance to chat with you to this point. I will try and catch you.
      Yes, I agree. I wrote a blog awhile back on Jesus calling the Pharisees vipers. I think the main thing for me would be my motive in calling someone a name. I have called people selfish, lazy, fools, even “dumber than a fence post” in confronting them with their choices and lifestyle. But if it is simply to win an argument or insult someone as a form of vengeance which seems the case in most occurrences we see in politics and in life it is wrong.



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