88 goals for 2036 – Bicycle goals

In yesterday’s blog I wrote out six goals that were my main ministry goals in regards to my main activity for the next 16 years, prayer. It was a combination of goals and strategy. Today I will write about my main recreational goal, bicycling, though I do a lot of study, listening to sermons and writing sermons on the trip, so I call it a study break!

I am going to go on three BHAG bicycle trips, that is Big, Hairy, Audacious, Goal trips, one every four years, and then shorter ( around 2,000 miles) trips in the years in between each of the BHAG’s. So I will do 16 bicycle trips, three long ones and thirteen shorter ones.

Goal #7 – We (myself and whoever decides to go with me) will ride coast to coast on what is known as the “TransAmerica” route. It will begin in Yorktown, Virginia and end at Newport, Oregon, a total of about 4,000 miles. It will take approximated 80 days including rest days. It will probably be without a support vehicle because it is so much more expensive of a trip with a vehicle. At this point I am not exactly sure on the dates, but I am aiming for April through June of 2022.

Goal #8- We will ride from Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon hitting all lower 48 States in route. This will be a 6,000 mile trip taking 100 days including rest days. I am aiming for 2026, April through July 10th as the dates for this monster trip. It will probably be a self-contained trip with no support vehicle.

Goal #9 – We will ride from the tip of Florida to Fairbanks, Alaska, another 6,000 miles trip also taking 100 days. I am putting it on the calendar for April through the middle July in 2030. I will be 82 years old so it should be a challenge. Goals 7, 8, and 9 can be in any order.

Goal #10 – We will go on thirteen bicycle trips that will be around 2,000 miles each. We will try to make these supported with a vehicle and possibly I will see if I can get Patty to go on some. These will be spaced out between the long trips and planned the winter before the trip.

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