It is so much fun visiting family that live far away that we only get to see occasionally. The week that we have been up here in Fairbanks has been so enjoyable. But tomorrow we head back home and I can already feel myself getting melancholy with the thoughts of leaving. At this stage in our life it seems like we are always leaving somebody, and then struggling with the sadness of separation. It seems like with so many kids it would become routine and a piece of cake, the whole coming and going thing, but not so far. I think it is an old age thing because it is getting more difficult, at least more emotional. I never let on how I am feeling and try just to be the tough grandpa.

In John 14 Jesus says He is leaving, but that He is coming back to receive us to Himself and then He will never leave us or us Him, ever again, eternity with Him. That is only possible because He came into the world as a baby, as an embryo in Mary’s womb, grew, lived a perfect life, then died in our place, paying the penalty of our sins. Eternal life is a free gift, but we must receive it personally because we realize that we can’t earn it on our own. So many people don’t understand this, they just ignore Jesus, the result being life will be bad, and eternity will be worse, that is sad.

1 thought on “Leaving

  1. Patty Schaan

    I know what you mean and feel about leaving. Every time I see my kids in California I wonder if I’ll see them again. The blessed part is knowing I will if not here but in heaven. All of them my son, daughter in law, granddaughter and grandson have given their lives to Christ. Praise God.
    Have a safe trip home



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