4 thoughts on “Deaths from Covid

  1. davewaver

    Population Deaths % Deaths 2010 309.3 2.5M .00808 2011 311.6 2.5M .00802 2012 313.9 2.5M .00796 2013 316.1 2.6M .00822 2014 318.4 2.6M .00816 2015 320.7 2.7M .00841 2016 323.1 2.7M .00836 2017 325.1 2.8M .00861 2018 327.2 2.8M .00856 2019 328.2 2.9M .00883 2020 331.0 3.0M .00906 2020 Estimates 2.5M Deaths November 1 End 3.0M The general US Death Rate has been steadily rising for the past decade primarily due to the Baby Boomers are getting older and will result of regular increases over the next 20 years. Next year’s death count, even with the Covid-19 Vaccine will be even higher. No study to date has factored in the wide spread legalization of many drugs or increased use. Many who deal with addiction, believe the Covid-19 numbers are masking the true drug legalization law impact.

    Retired now, I worked for 35 years as a numbers cruncher.

    Thank You,

    David & Kay Lilley The Lilley’s of Oregon 541-602-5817


    1. deefduke Post author

      Hi David,
      Someone submitted a “Reuters Fact Check” article on my numbers post on Face book. Would you read it and tell me what you think, or respond to it. If you don’t do Facebook let me know and I will send it to you. Thanks. Dee


  2. mountainman2013

    It’s no hard to figure out who’s pushing this world wide agenda, seeing he’s the ruler of this world’s systems.



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