Pastoring during COVID

The last 10 months have been very frustrating trying to Pastor a church in the midst of shutdowns, freezes, restrictions, masks, spooky people, irritated people, and opinionated people. Dealing with all the information that seems to change hourly, and trying to figure out what is true and what is false. Trying to figure out what is the right thing to do. Trying to figure out how to maintain unity and a loving environment when there is such extremes in opinions and both sides think the other side are either stupid sheep or murders. Living and ministering with this heightened pressure has been exhausting, and I have found myself praying, “come on, Lord! Fix this thing, PLEASE!”

Tonight I listened to a missionary speak who ministers in a country where they meet as a church “underground,” where if they get caught meeting together they will go to prison, where secret agents will sneak into their services and pretend to be one of them and becomes a mole who informs on them to the police.

As I listened I realized that this person was struggling to minister far beyond what I was experiencing. The missionary didn’t seem depressed or exhausted by what was going on, in fact they seemed rather positive, excited to be able to serve.

As I continued to listen as they finished giving their report I felt duly chastised by the Lord for my wimpy attitude of late.

2 thoughts on “Pastoring during COVID

  1. Barbara J Regas

    Wow! I needed an attitude adjustment & you just gave me one. I injured my neck/back about 3 weeks ago messing with wet leaves with a pitch fork. I’m slowly recovering & felt that I might be on my feet to attend your Sunday classes by next Sunday. Then I realized that is when I receive my every six week injection in my eye for Macular Degeneration – which puts me out of commission for a few days. I have not dropped out of your class – and plan on returning when this old body heals. Thanks for your blogs…..


  2. bethanyfphotography

    Thank you for your blog, Pastor Duke. Your honesty, frankness about politics, life and faith are really encouraging.



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