We Didn’t Social Distance in our Boat.

Today I went Chinook Salmon fishing on the Colombia River with 3 other friends, and we limited out with two fish apiece plus four Jack Salmon, (under 20 inches) twelve salmon in five hours of fishing. We lost another six fish and a sea lion ate two more fish. It was a good day of fishing. As I think about today I realize that I enjoyed the fellowship with my friends as much as I did the actual reeling in of big fish.

We are created by God in His image, and God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit are community in their oneness, and essence. We naturally seek fellowship with other people, we need fellowship to grow in character, we need fellowship to experience and have a healthy soul, and we need fellowship to have joy.

The Bible, the Holy Word of God gives us commands like, “love one another,” “forgive one another,” “accept one another,” “encourage one another,” “comfort one another,” “serve one another,” and “pray for one another.” The Bible is a book inspired by God for us, and most of it teaches us how to have a wonderful relationship with God and with other people, that is what life is about.

Thousands of Doctors and Scientists have recently signed a document stating that the “lockdown” which is supposed to prevent the spread of the COVID thing, which restricts people from gathering together is the wrong thing to do because the damage that is done to people’s mental, emotional, and psychological health is greater than the consequence of the disease, as well as the consequences to the economy and people’s welfare. The devil knows that as he works through politicians and the media. As I read about the various battles taking place it seems obvious to me that the “lockdowns”, “social distancing”, and “masks” are much more about controlling people than saving them.

As people we have the capacity to love others and we also have the capacity to hate them. We can help and save or kill and hurt. We can nurture, teach and coach so people can flourish, be fulfilled, and be free, or we can dominate, squelch, and control them so they are slaves. It is amazing how the evil that is in all of us can raise it’s ugly head and then grow into a monster so that instead of controlling ourselves we want to control others, obsessively so.

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