In Philippians Paul says, “join in following my example.” Leadership is not about title or position it is about the amount of influence you have on the people around you. Do people who know you well change their behavior, their opinions, and their values to be more inline with you in these areas? The more people act like you, believe what you believe, and become like you in their values the stronger your leadership.

This power to influence people is called charisma, it is called magnetism, and it is called giftedness, but what it is more than anything else is God’s power working through a person to influence another person to change, to grow, to accomplish. That power of God is given to those who meet certain qualifications, and when they do God uses them. I teach a leadership class each year to men and to ladies. I am not teaching the skill of leadership, but I am teaching what God requires of us in the way of behavior and character if He is going to give us His power. God works through and uses certain kinds of people. In the case of David He called it, “a man after my own heart”. Paul told Timothy, his prodigy that if he would become a certain kind of person than God would declare him to be “a golden vessel, set apart, useful to the master, prepared for every good work.”

I have identified some key character traits and behavior patterns that God promises to bless and use. I teach these principles in my “Leadership Class” and those who get it and change their behavior accordingly become leaders because they start influencing others around them, some dramatically so.

Being a person who positively influences others is very rewarding. Join me in my leadership class and learn what God blesses, values, and uses to accomplish His will in the lives of other people. Ladies leadership is Sunday morning at 8:00 am, and Men’s Leadership is Saturday nights at 5:30 pm and Sunday afternoon at 1:00 pm.

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