Fishing in Mexico

I love to fish. I fish in local ponds and lakes around the Jefferson area, and in Oregon, I fish the North Santiam River. I fish in the Colombia river. I fish in Alaska. I fish in the Ocean on the Oregon coast. And now I fish in Mexico. I don’t know what it is about fishing that I enjoy so much, or why I enjoy it so much, but I do, fishing brings an amazing amount of joy into my life. The older I get the more that is true.

Today was a great day fishing. We caught a bunch of these fish called Duratos which are a pretty yellow/green color, and also Needle fish, though we didn’t keep any of the needle fish, they fought incredible hard, and were a blast to catch. The weather was 98 degrees, but it didn’t seem to hot.

Every morning in my prayer of commitment one of he things I pray and commit to doing is, “today, Lord I will live as if this is my last day on earth before I step into heaven, and then I had a day like today that was like being in heaven! Whooooeeeeeeeeee Thank You Lord for blessing me with this wonderful trip and experience. I love You.

2 thoughts on “Fishing in Mexico

  1. 520randall

    Isn’t that amazing Dee! I fished down there once and every little fish I caught fought harder than the biggest fish I caught from lakes. I’m glad you got to go and have such a great time!

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