Leadership Class

I have taught my “Leadership Class” for 40 years. It is probably the most rewarding thing I do in ministry. It is basically an in depth discipleship class where I teach the importance of faithfully practicing the basic disciplines of the Christian life, principles of time management, and the basics of goal setting. It is a great class and most who go through it grow a great deal spiritually. I will start the classes the weekend of October 17th and 18th. I will have 2 Leadership 1 classes with one being Saturday night at 5:45 pm and the other on Sunday afternoon at 1:00 pm. I will teach my Leadership 2 class on Thursday evenings at 7:00 pm and Leadership 3 on Tuesday evenings at 7:00 pm.

My “Ladies Leadership Class” is Sunday mornings at 8:00 am.

If any one would like to be in the class let me know. I limit enrollment to 10 per class.

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