Morning Person

I have been getting up at 4:15 am this week in order to be at prayer at 5:00 am at the church for our “ Five Days of Prayer” this week. Someone asked me if I was a morning person because I am usually the first one at the church and I am reasonably cheerful. I responded by saying “no”, if I had a choice I would stay in bed until 9:00 am every day. But that is not an option most days, so I set the alarm, get out of bed when it goes off, pray my morning prayer of commitment which has in it that I will not act the way I feel, and then off to whatever is on my agenda for the day. It is called “Principle driven living”, know what the principles are and follow them because of the rewards that they bring. I have been collecting principles for years, not that I necessarily have a lot, but I do have clearly written, well thought principles that I run my life by. A major one is, “God desires our prayers to Him, and He gives great blessings to the person who is devoted to prayer. The more time we give, and the more cost that we pay, the more blessings God gives.” The blessings are strength, joy, peace, wisdom, and opportunities. There isn’t much else that matters when you have those blessings in your life.

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