How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep II

A lot of people during these weird times are struggling with insomnia or having trouble falling asleep at night when they go to bed. I used to have that problem, but now I have several disciplines that have made that problem a thing of the past. In yesterday’s blog I talked about praying and how powerful prayer is to replace anxiety with peace resulting in a very restful sleep.

A second discipline that works as well is meditating on memorized Bible verses or passages. I started this as a result of a seminar that I went to several years ago. The seminar was on “Spiritual Warfare”, the trouble and problems that the devil and his demons are able to bring into our life, and how to overcome them. The devil and his demons primarily work in our life by talking to us. They are spirit beings so we can’t see them, but they are there, all around us, probably most of the time. They talk to us and we hear them subliminally in the form of thoughts. Because we can’t see them we rarely associate various thoughts that pop into our minds as coming from outside our own mind. Have you ever tried to fall asleep while your wife is talking to you, it isn’t easy to do. How about if a bunch of demons are talking to you, and for sure the content would not be “warm fuzzies”. They know how your day has gone, and what the issues are in your life. Their methods are to introduce things into our thinking that are not true and will cause anxiety in our life. The devil tempted Jesus by talking to Him, “If you are the Son of God turn these stones into bread”. Jesus didn’t debate with the devil; He simply quoted Bible verses that He had obviously memorized, and after several more attempts to harass and tempt Him the devil “left Him”. The speaker in the seminar said these words that stuck with me, “If it worked for Jesus it most certainly will work for us, but the problem is that we don’t have very many Bible verses memorized well enough to meditate on for very long as we close eyes to go to sleep”. I have over 500 verses memorized well and I can pull them up in my thoughts and meditate on them, mull them over in my thinking, pondering how to apply them to my life. Whenever anxious thoughts, angry thoughts, bitter thoughts, or fearful thoughts pop into my mind as I close my eyes to go to sleep, I know the source of them and I start in on “scripture meditation”. It works well, it doesn’t take long before I am sound asleep.

1 thought on “How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep II

  1. Shirley Cook

    Thank you for this blog! I have been struggling with getting and staying asleep. I will try it this very night! Blessings to you!



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