God is ”all wise”, He created the world with His wisdom, He created us with His wisdom, and He planned out the history of the world with His wisdom. He loves to give His wisdom to us if we seek for it diligently by faithfully reading the Bible, the mind of Christ, and by seeking it humbly by asking those people around us for counsel whom we observe have more wisdom than we do. Getting wisdom is God’s will for us, and we will bring that level of wisdom with us as we enter into eternity. God wants to be with us, fellowship with us, and communicate with us for all eternity, how fun will that be for Him if we all are a bunch of idiots when we get there. The almighty God of the universe who created everything in perfect symmetry and beauty and holds it all together with His wisdom and might talking to those who can’t even plan their own life, but set their minds on earthly things and are content with money and stuff. God gives His infinite wisdom to those who ask, but only if they are already seeking for it with more passion than gold, silver, and precious treasure. Let me say it again in case you missed it, we will enter heaven with the level of wisdom that we have grown to, at the point of our death.

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