Yesterday I was perusing around my IPad reading mail, Facebook, and some news. I hadn’t done much of that while I was in Alaska fishing for the last week. A live program that was just beginning presented by ”Front Line” doctors caught my eye, and I started watching it. It was so amazing, shocking to the point of making me really angry, yet refreshing at the same time that I continued to watch it as it continued for hours. I was so impressed with what was being said that I ”Shared” it on Facebook. I went back a few minutes later to see how many had watched it, and found that it had been taken off of my Facebook page. I went back to find it where I had originally seen it and it was gone from there as well, I then went to YouTube and it was no longer there either. I then read where Donald Trump Jr’s twitter account had been suspended because he had shared it. I began reading some comments by liberal media people about it, and they made the doctors who were part of this coalition out to be idiots and weirdos. I did a little research on the dozen I had heard and found them to be very experienced and well educated. I thought to myself, this is amazing that the American people can be literally spoon-fed information that those who control Google, Facebook, and YouTube want us to hear and believe. I was in a written discussion with someone about the value of wearing masks, and they said ”Google it”and you will find lots of documentation that masks work. I thought to myself, that isn’t proof, all the articles that say they don’t work have probably been removed. I have to admit that I have been a bit naive about this. I thought that censorship to that degree was illegal. Here is the introduction to the doctors presentation.

Frontline doctors from across the US held a “White Coat Summit” on Monday in Washington DC to dispel the misinformation and myths surrounding the coronavirus. The doctors are very concerned with the disinformation campaign being played out in the far left American media today.

Did you catch that? ”the disinformation campaign being played out in the far left American media today.”

Year’s ago I read a book about the devil and his strategies to control our lives. His primary method according to the author is to control what we believe to be true by gaining control of of those institutions that we believe are sources of truth. It looks like he has been very successful in carrying out his plan.

These doctors are trying to communicate truth to the American public for their health and well being, and they are being blocked at every turn and in every venue, and being slandered, vilified, and ridiculed as incompetent and nut cases.

The way this whole thing has come down makes me believe very strongly that what they are attempting to communicate is absolutely true.

The question that plagues me now is ”Why”? Why would this information that was so positive and hope filled be so vigorously blocked? ”Why?”

6 thoughts on “Censorship

  1. Shawn Howard

    Because the drug companies don’t want to cure the disease. They want to treat it over the long term. It’s how they get paid. It’s about greed.


  2. Harold Compton

    I had the same experience a day before you. I was a bit naive as well. Now I don’t know what, if any, news reports are true or only partially true, which is a tactic of Satan. Makes me wonder what other news I’ve thought to be genuine, but is only half truths or false altogether.


  3. Beverlee Hilton

    I believe 90 percent of this Covid is political. i watch Sidroth.org. He has prophets on there that have much to say. I believe them. I wear a mask now. i just started to ONLY, because i’m greatly frowned on at the stores when i don’t wear one. i hate them, fogs my glasses and i can’t see well. Also can’t breath well, and to tell you the truth, i don’t think they are necessary. just my person opinion


  4. Mike Clark

    2 spies came back from Canaan with the truth but 10 told a lie and Israel suffered for it. May we as a nation not do that.


  5. Barb Regas

    Hi Pastor Dee,
    I was watching the Glenn Beck Special this evening and he interviewed Dr. Gold. She may have been one of the Dr.’s you watched the other evening. I found her extremely credible & she had so much to say that they ran out of time – so she was asked to appear on his show tomorrow morning.
    KYKN 1430 am Salem is listening 0600-0900

    Thank you for your blog’s!


  6. Laura DeHaven

    Not surprised at all by this. Haven’t believed/trusted the news since 1984 when I started working for Maricopa County SO in Phoenix, AZ. At that time, the news media was unable to get information from us on a sensitive case, so they made up their story which was, of course, full of falsehoods. Saw this type of fictionalized reporting repeatedly over the years with both print and television media. I don’t waste my time watching/reading the “news” anymore. I believe that God has more important things for us to spend our time and energy on. Why should we allow Satan to use the media to steal our joy and make us angry, discouraged, or depressed? There are enough troubles and challenges in life as it is. We don’t need the news media to distract us and take our focus away from the Lord. He is Sovereign. He is in control. We can trust Him no matter what happens.



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