Some People Catch Fish; Some People Don’t

People come from all over the world to fish the Kenai River in Alaska. Many of them fish at the same place we are fishing. We usually catch way more fish than most do so we often attract attention from the other fisherman. Some ask what we are doing and we usually share some of our methods and I often share some of the stuff that I fish with. My friends and I have been coming to this place to fish for sockeye salmon in the middle of July for over 20 years. We have experimented continuously with methods and gear over the years and have fine-tuned our system for catching reds. Occasionally someone will be out fishing us, and we ask questions, observe them, and make adjustments. Sockeye salmon are primarily plankton feeders so getting them to bite anything is a major challenge. They don’t bite to eat, they bite because of irritatipn, and for something to irritate them it has to be right in front of them. If it is 4 inches over their head or under them it won’t provoke a strike, it has to be right at their nose. Sockeye generally swim upriver on their journey to spawn with their belly 2 inches from the bottom of the river, so our lure needs to be 4 inches off of the bottom of the river, not 5 inches or 3 inches. The factors are the size of the hook, the length of the leader, the size and number of corkies, and the speed at which we retrieve. The factors that change a successful presentation of our lure to the fish and an unsuccessful one are minor. Those who catch fish are very fussy about their method and are constantly making adjustments in order to catch more fish.

I am commanded by Jesus to be a fisher of men, that is someone who is seeking lost people to share the gospel with effectively so that they trust Jesus Christ as their Savior and are transferred from an eternity of torment in the Lake of Fire, to heaven, a place of eternal joy. How do I do that so that people listen and respond positively? I need to become an effective and successful fisher of men. Do I work as hard to learn the most effective way to catch men as I do to catch sockeye salmon? I should, and you should as well.

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