Noble Goals but Faulty Methods

In all of the hoopla going on today so called leaders are expressing concern about present conditions in a variety of areas, and most often they express a goal that is noble, but upon further investigation we find that the method outlined to achieve the goal is foolishness. The method is often based on a Marxist philosophy and world view that is in total opposition to Biblical principles and those principles that have been the foundation of the United States from it’s beginning.

Naive people buy into the goal but have little understanding or awareness of the method, and then become angry at those who resist the method accusing them of being against the goal. It is really the ultimate in foolishness and the main scheme of the devil to get us to sin.

If an obese friend of yours who had major health issues because of his weight announced that he was going to lose 50 lbs you would be happy for him, but then you learned that his planned on method was to cut off one of his legs to accomplish the goal. Would you be excited about the goal then? Of course not. Imagine that you say to your friend, “ don’t do that, that is stupid”, and other friends accuse you of not loving your friend because you don’t want him to lose weight. You would accurately come to the conclusion that someone is not thinking logically in this situation. A noble goal does not justify or excuse a foolish method. Much of the controversy happening today is because of bad methods being used to attempt to accomplish good goals, and the methods are being justified because of the goal.

New Orleans Saints quarterback, Drew Brees expressed that he was against kneeling during the National Anthem because it was disrespectful to our flag, our country, and to those who had fought and died for our countries freedom. He was immediately called a racist by many, even some of his own team mates. He explained that he was very much in favor and support of the goal of racial equality and justice, but did not agree with the method. His logic and his love and respect for his country were lost in the emotionalism of the goal, and he later was forced to apologize for his statements in order to keep peace on his team.

Wise people pursue goals that help others and make the world a better place, but they use methods that are good, just, and as noble as the goal.

“Black Lives Matter“ have a noble goal, but wise people will observe and read what their expressed strategy is to accomplish their goal, and ask the question, “are their methods, good, just, and noble”?

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