Wisdom and Logical Thinking

Dogs make choices, what is the basis for the choices they make? People make choices and they speak words, what is the basis for those choices and words? First, we do what we do and we say what we say in order to accomplish our desires and wants in life. If our desires are evil our choices will be evil. Many people’s dominant desire in life is for revenge, for others it is greed, and still others are driven by the want for power. God is all wise, that is He always chooses and plans perfectly, because He is all good.

A second factor is the information that we use to decide what course of action will result in our wants and desires being realized. If the information that we are using is faulty our choices will be stupid. Some of my greatest and strongest desires in life are to please the Lord with my life and to sense His pleasure in me, to love my wife well, to accomplish a lot with my life that matters for eternity, to influence and motivate people to live for the Lord, and to catch a lot of fish😀. I need wisdom to accomplish those desires, where do I seek it? One obvious source is the Bible, but Proverbs says that a major source ought to be wise people who are living the way I want to live.

So, the people I listen to and those whose stuff I read I try to find out as much about their life as possible to see if they are living healthy, balanced lives that are mostly free from evil desires, and who have the values and desires that I have.

One of the blessings of reading the Bible everyday is that I have developed an inner “stupid buzzer”. It is like when a singer goes flat on a note, a little shiver goes up my neck. I read a lot of books, articles, blogs and listen to a lot of sermons, lectures, and commentaries, and when I read or hear something that is “off” even a little bit my inner “buzzer” starts going, and I know that what I am reading or hearing is not wisdom, but foolishness.

One of my favorite writers is Thomas Sowell, and I recently heard him on a news interview say that deep, logical thinking is very rare today. Instead people react emotionally to events, and come to conclusions about what is right and call it thinking. Those conclusions are not wise, and therefore the choices that they make and the words that they speak will be slightly better than that of a dogs. We are seeing a lot of that kind of thinking and acting today.

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