Bicycle Trip 2020 Day 9

Today was a long grueling uphill grind. We climbed 7,000 feet in 50 miles and I pedaled from 5 to 7 mph on the average grinding it up the long hill. We typically stop every 5 miles for a drink and a short rest, but for the last 20 miles of the climb today I was stopping every 2 miles. It is days like this that makes me seriously doubt my sanity for doing trips like this. When we finally reached the top we then had 20 miles of downhill. It wasn’t super steep, but we did average about 20 mph just coasting so it took us just an hour to get to camp. That is the kind of bicycle riding that I like. Cliff, Kathy, and Terri have cables and locks that they use to lock their bikes to a tree or something else to keep their bicycles from getting stolen. I told them that I was going to put a sign on my bike that said, “Please Steal”. We are at Ft Klamath tonight and tomorrow we will be at Odell Lake Lodge. Today was the hardest day for me and I am seriously tired. My leg muscles are cramping and hurting tonight as if to say to me, “treat us that way and we will show you!” I am drinking 2 bottles of quinine water as I write this blog hoping that it will help. I am trying to think of something spiritual and profound to share with you, but I think I damaged my brain cells today depriving them of oxygen as my muscles used it all. So, I will write something extra insightful and profound tomorrow night, maybe.

1 thought on “Bicycle Trip 2020 Day 9

  1. Laurie Gough

    I think you are amazing — Your example in everything you do is over the top – We decided to make Ryan ride his bike to feed his steer -everyday this week – since he lost his driving privileges — Iv been using you as an example that he will be fine with the 18 mile round trip ;))) 👍🏽🚴🏽‍♂️

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