BicycleTrip 2020 Day 2

There are five of us on this trip. Myself, my brother Cliff, his wife Kathy, Terri, a lady friend of Kathy’s, and Jack, who is a guy my age who wanted to drive along as a support vehicle and have fun with us. Terri has never done any kind of cross country bicycle trip before, and I was a little leary of letting her come, but so far she is doing great.

We started in Jefferson yesterday, camped last night in Lincoln City, tonight we are in Walport, tomorrow we will be at Cliff and Kathy’s son, Eric’s place in Reedsport. We continue down the Oregon coast to Crescent City where we will sleep in a church, then up the Redwood Hwy to Crater Lake, then to Bend and then home. The trip is about 700 miles and will take us 12 days.

Today we biked 50 miles and it was a great day. Pleasant weather, a tailwind, no bugs, no dogs, no rude drivers, no rumble strips, no monster hills, and beautiful scenery, doesn’t get much better than that. According to my bike computer I had a high-speed today of 38 mph, I Dont look down at the speedometer when I am going that fast. I did see a sign that said ”speed limit” 35 mph and wondered if I was breaking it.

It is 6:00 pm and I am sitting in a ”bar and grill” 10 minutes walk from our camp writing this blog, eating a double order of calamari. I planned to sit in here several hours and get all of my reading and writing done, and memorize some new verses, but they have so many tables blocked to maintain ”safe distance” there are only 5 tables in the place, and I can see the waitresses glaring at me as customers come in. I guess I could get another order of calamari!

So far the trip has helped calm me down from the agitation I am feeling from the mind control being exerted over the people in our nation, and the results. Jesus is coming, Jesus is coming soon, so don’t get so worked up, you are headed for heaven and King Jesus will be in charge. I say to myself often, “ You can put up with this stupidity because it doesn’t matter when you are gone to heaven”!

2 thoughts on “BicycleTrip 2020 Day 2

  1. Richard Pearson

    I have been reading your blogs for sometime now and have been feeling a little agitated as well. If it works out for you to stop and see us in Sisters for an ice cold glass of Cascade Mountain water, a shower, a place to stay or all of the the above please let us know. We are only a half mile off the main drag through town and would love to see you.

    Rick and Jan Pearson 777 South Cottonwood Street Sisters, Oregon 97759 Cell# 503-509-1791 Feel free to call, text or email

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  2. Tim Edgren

    Thank you for the encouraging words, Dee. I’ve stopped reading the news altogether, although some of it seeps through my protective guard (like our governor’s announcement about mandatory face masks here in Washington). I’m so glad you are having a great trip, and I can feel my agitation calming as I echo your little ‘I’m going to heaven’ song.
    Staying focused on my own faithfulness and the coming Kingdom is the best thing I can do for myself and for those around me, today.

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