Bicycle trip 2020 day 1

We left this morning from Jefferson at 6:00 am and bicycled 70 miles to Lincoln City. We are now at the KOA campground, and I am getting ready to eat a Mountain House freeze-dried stew. The package is 2.5 servings, and I will eat it all. I am totally drained of every drop of energy that was in me, my legs are killing me, my feet are killing me, my neck is killing me, and my butt is double killing me, but I am having so much fun! The first day is usually like this, and the second day is worse, and then it gets easier as everything gets in shape. The weather was perfect, no headwind, sunny, but not to hot. The hill climbing wasn’t bad and the traffic wasn’t bad either. No dogs chased me, no bugs bit me, and I had no flat tires.

My goal on these annual bicycle trips is to get in a bunch of reading, study, and writing for future sermons and classes. Still, tonight I won’t get much done, except this blog and my Bible reading and a little scripture memory because I keep falling asleep even though it is only 6:00 pm.

My favorite part of all the bicycle trips I have done is the long hours during the day to think reflectively about who I am and how I am doing, my faith, my priorities, values, and goals. Today was a good day in that regard.

Well, I haven’t written anything to profound but my brain is turning to Jello so tomorrow.

1 thought on “Bicycle trip 2020 day 1

  1. Leon Strait

    I can’t find a post saying what the trip plan is. Where are you headed and how long will you be on the road?



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