So I think that most serious followers of Jesus should start writing as a key method of communicating and influencing others spiritually. We can share with texts, emails, on Facebook, Facebook messenger, and with blogs. We can read what we have written or memorize it and do a video and post it on YouTube or Facebook as well. If you work on your writing skill by learning how to write better, practice your writing, have others give you advice, both on the mechanics and on the content, and pray a lot over it and about it, God will bless you and use you. The main problem is that most will not start this journey, but you have to start if you want to be effectively used by God in the lives of others. God guides a moving ship not one sitting or going in circles.

In my opinion and experience the most effective tool in spoken or written communication are well-told stories. Stories connect with people, hold their interest and are very effective in making and impressing a point of truth. Jesus told stories and much of the Bible is given to us from God in stories. You could say that God is the ultimate storyteller, which is why I believe those that read the Bible a lot will be the best storytellers.

Which brings me to my next point, stories that are poorly told are worse than no story at all because they very quickly bore people and then they stop listening or reading. So when I talk about growing in skill, one of the main things I am talking about is learning how to be a good storyteller. One of the problems is that because stories are personal we automatically like them so we have a hard time being critical of how we tell them. It is essential that we become our own worst and best critic of how we communicate our stories to others. We have all heard stories from others that we have to tolerate in order to be polite, be obsessed with not being that kind of storyteller.

Tomorrow I will give you 5 guidelines on being a world-class storyteller. Even though I am not in the category of being one of the best storytellers yet, I have that as a goal, and I know what it takes and what I have to work on to get there. I read a lot of short stories written by the best and ask myself continually while reading, ”what makes this story interesting, why does it hold my attention so strongly, and why is it so entertaining. I also pay attention when I hear someone tell a story that is very good, and ask the same questions. Becoming a good storyteller is like learning how to play play tennis, or swim, or paint a picture.

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