Zoom Praying

This is a picture of my computer screen during the first day of our ”Five Days of Prayer”. We have averaged 30 people praying every hour during our first 2 days of praying, and it has been a very powerful and enjoyable time. We are using a program called ”Zoom” which allows multiple people to converse together while showing our faces. We can do up to 100 people at one time if we ever have that many. One person prays at a time as the others listen and agree in their mind and their heart. If a person doesn’t feel comfortable praying out loud they can just listen and agree.

There are some major pluses for this system of praying. One is that there is no commute time to the church facility in order to pray which was a factor in all of our past prayer events, and kept many from participating much. Another really big plus for me is that I can hear everybody very clearly when they pray. In past prayer events I only heard about half the praying which made it hard to concentrate on the prayer and not fall asleep. One other plus is that each persons name is under their picture so you don’t have to worry about forgetting someones name as you pray with them.

We have 3 more days left in our ”Five Days of Prayer” so why not join us for part of it. We pray from 5 to 8 am and 5 to 8 pm. Each of the next 3 days. You can tune in for all of the hours or for 5 minutes, what ever you want. You have to have a meeting number and a password to get into the prayer meeting. If you email me at duke@jbc.church or text me at 503-559-5282 I will send it to you.

Prayer changes things, especially corporate prayer, it is the most powerful force on the planet earth. God obviously does the work, but not until we pray. It is His way of getting us involved in His work and to spend time with Him, He wants our time. Prayer also changes us, changes our character, changes our heart, changes our motives, again it is God who does the changing but He does it when we pray.

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