Hong Kong Flu

When I was a Freshman in College in 1968 there was a world wide pandemic called the Hong Kong Flu, it to started in China. 1 to 4 million people died globally, with 34,000 deaths in the USA in 18 months, there are 155 deaths so far in the USA from Corona, and about 9,000 globally. I remember the news and the discussions about the flu as a student in college. We had one television on campus which was in the Student Union Building, and we would crowd in there to watch the news, most of our interest then was in the Vietnam war, which we were in the middle of as a country, and then switch over to Mission Impossible. There was some concern back then about the pandemic, but not even close to what is happening in our day. Some might suggest that the reason it is so much more of a big deal now is because it is so much more serious. I guess we will have to wait and see what the numbers are when it all blows over. I have and will continue to follow the “rules” mandated by the government on preventing the spread of the present disaster, but my guess is that when we get to the end of this adventure it will not be any worse than my Freshman year in College.

My purpose in writing this is not to be a sceptic or critical of government leadership in controlling the spread of this present pandemic, but to ponder in writing about the real cause of the country wide hysteria among many people. As I read the news articles and watch the various reports on my IPad there is an obvious sensationalizing of facts and information. Most would assume the purpose is to sell programs and increase income. Because of social media and the internet the information gets repeated over and over with each cycle growing a bit in magnitude and seriousness. The interesting thing, (I guess if I wanted to sensationalize a bit myself I could say, “the alarming thing”, but I will stick with “interesting”) is how easy it has been for the media, which is controlled by a relatively small group of people, to control the general mood of our country.

Many are asking me if I see any prophetic significance in the present events. One of the clear Biblical truths is that the devil, his demons, and the kingdom of darkness will become increasingly more active in controlling the world and the lives of people as we get closer to the end. The Apostle Paul in the New Testament says he was not ignorant of the devils schemes, but I think we mostly are. In asking again the question, “ what is the media’s motive in puffing up and sensationalizing the news and current facts and information, my conclusion is that they are being controlled by the kingdom of darkness and they don’t even know it.

So, the bottom line of this whole blog for me is, I will keep my wits about me, I will not allow the devil to lead me around by the nose, I will read the Bible every day as my main source of truth, I will pray a lot asking God for wisdom and discernment, I will not grumble about anything, I will rejoice about everything, and I will attempt to influence as many people as possible to follow Jesus, and do my part to thwart the devil’s plan to control the world through fear.

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