Control and the Coronavirus

We all are control freaks to one degree or another. We like to be in control of our life and the things around us that have some bearing or influence in our life. If we were driving down the road and the steering on our car suddenly quit working and we had zero control we would freak out for sure. Right now there is a whole lot in our life that a month ago we were in control of, that is now outside of our control, and people are freaking out. We really never had as much control of our life and circumstances in our life as we thought, it was an illusion that was brought about by life being normal and predictable. During normal life we do a very poor job of trusting in the Lord, depending on Him, seeking Him, and serving Him, because we think we have things under control. Now, all of a sudden the steering wheel has come loose in our life and panic sets in. A great way to start every day is with a declaration or commitment to the Lord that we are going to trust Him, follow Him, love Him, and serve Him. I am starting my morning prayer now with a confession to the Lord of pride and self sufficiency revealed by my chaffing under the restraints put on me, our ministry and our church by others. I don’t like the government telling me what I can and can’t do, and I am writing that statement with a great deal of restraint. So as I begin each day declaring my love and devotion to the Lord, asking Him for joy, peace, strength, and wisdom, I also confess my pride to him in always wanting to do things my way. As I ask for His strength each morning I include in that prayer a request for patience, a quite spirit, contentment with what I can’t control, and always I ask for many opportunities to be a witness for Jesus to those who have no hope and are afraid.

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