Self Examination

Jesus said to take the log out of my own eye before I attempt to take a splinter out of someone else’s eye. If I am going to try and get something out of my own eye I will use a mirror, otherwise it will be very difficult. We understand that Jesus is talking about our faults, character flaws, weaknesses, and sin habits. Self examination and reflecting on who we are and how we can grow and improve is important. The main area of my life that I think about in trying to discern my weaknesses is in my relationships. How am I doing with others in treating them well, loving them, encouraging them, appreciating them, forgiving them quickly of anything, speaking grace into their life, holding them accountable in a way that is accepted and motivates, and being a friend. Most followers of Jesus spend very little time thinking and reflecting on their life, and how they can grow and improve. Many avoid the discipline because they tend to condemn themselves and feel badly about who they are. Many others have justified, and excused their flaws, and blamed them on others to the point that they have become blinded to their own weaknesses. If I hunger and thirst after maturity and growth, regularly examine my own life, make commitments and goals to improve and grow in the things I see that need fixing, constantly ask the Lord to show me the things in me that need work, and then call on Him for the grace to grow, the entire experience is one that gives me hope and confidence that I indeed can change and that I can be used by God to help others change. One of the best results of this process of taking logs out of my own eye is that my relationship with other people grows. But it all begins with the daily discipline of examining my own life, knowing that I have faults, blind spots, and character flaws, and wanting to grow past them in order to be pleasing to the Lord and useful to Him to help others.

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