I believe that God created everything in the universe, He thought up the design, the shape, and how everything fits and works together. Even a cursory study of science, astronomy, and geography will reveal incredible complexity and creativity in all that we see and often take for granted. The conclusion is that God is amazingly intelligent, in fact we use the term omniscient in describing Him, meaning that His intelligence is infinite, immeasurable, incomprehensible. I can’t imagine what it is going to be like to actually communicate with Him when I get to heaven and get my new body and my new mind.

I am created by God in His image and likeness, meaning that in a greatly reduced way I am like God and function best when I function the way He does. I have creativity, I dream about the future, I work at thinking up new ways to do things, new things to do, and different ways to do them. Certain experiences and circumstances sort of push the creativity button in my mind. Monday through Thursday this week I am at the annual meetings for the Conservative Baptist Association of the North West and one of the things that happens at the meetings is preaching and teaching the Bible. The speakers speak specifically to pastors, and the speaker tonight was the new general directory for the Association, and for whatever reason he pushed my button and my mind started going a thousand miles an hour, creating all kinds of new sermon topics, new ways of doing everything in the church, and new adventures. I wrote as fast as I could because when the button is pushed the creative juices only flow for a little bit. But I wrote way more than I have years left to do. I always let new and creative ideas age for awhile and they either get better or die. It is my way of deciding what is God’s will or not. It is fun to be creative, even just on paper, but it is super exciting to put together a new plan or ministry, or sermon series. I look forward to the days ahead to see what will happen.

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