I went skiing today with a friend at Mt Bachelor. I have not been skiing for almost 40 years so I was very apprehensive about the outcome. I did pretty good, only falling down twice, though the first time I went up the chair lift I fell getting off the chair, how embarrassing 😡. I got to turning and swishing pretty good though I stayed on the “bunny hill” with the little kids and old people😀. I couldn’t believe how tired my legs got, they felt like jello at the bottom of every run I made. I thought, man, I have been riding my stationary bike an hour every night and I still feel like a wimp! So I determined that I would pick it up a bit to 80 minutes every night as well as weight lifting every night. I am not sure I will ever go skiing again, I checked it off of my goals for the year and think I will focus on bicycle riding and fishing. Today was a good experience of trying something new, challenging, and something that I was fearful of doing. The nervousness came from the fear of not being able to get back on my feet after falling. One of my biggest challenges with my Parkinson’s is getting stood up while sitting, and if I get down on the floor for any reason, getting back to my feet is a huge challenge so I was thinking that if I fell down on the ski slope I would just have to stay there forever. But I actually got up without to much trouble. Most of us avoid doing anything that we would possibly fail at or embarrass ourselves at, but it is good for our character growth to move out of the safe and secure areas of our life and take a risk.

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