When I was a kid I was in 4-H. I had a Jersey calf, that grew to be a heifer, and then become a cow. I raised her and then milked her back in the day when we milked cows by hand. In the Fall our 4-H club would go to the local County fair, and we would all take our projects and “Show” them. There were various classes of dairy animals mostly based on age so when we “Showed” our animal we were competing with the same breed and the same age animals. We would lead our animal around the ring, and a judge would line us up in order, the best on the left and the worst on the right. We were then given ribbons according to the place that we were awarded in the line. I also got involved in doing the judging of the cows. A group of us kids, in an age group would rank a group of cows, usually a group of 4. An official judge would determine the official placing and then we would be ranked on how close we were to the official judge’s picks. I usually won this competition the years that I was involved, from the 6th grade up until the end of my sophomore year in High School. Several years I got to go to the Pacific International Dairy Show and one year I got to go to the National Dairy Show at “The Cow Palace” in San Francisco. Those years were a lot of fun, and I remember the good times traveling with other dairy kids to the big cities to judge cows. There was a criteria that we learned to use in judging the cows to determine which one was the best. Today I am into hunting, fishing, and restoring old cars, and I have regular discussions with like minded enthusiasts on what is the best bow, the best gun, the best fishing rod, the best boat, the best old car, the best engine, the best motor oil, and on the list goes. When I buy things at Cabella’s I usually check the reviews and see how many stars the item has and how many people rated it. I don’t want to buy any junk, just the best.

So as a person, based on how I act, specifically, how I treat other people, what is my rank? In Matthew 19:30 Jesus was comparing this life with the Kingdom of Heaven, and He said “But many who are first will be last; and the last, first.” That is many who are ranked first in this life will be ranked last in the Kingdom, and many of those ranked last in life will be first in the Kingdom. And then in Matthew 20 Jesus says “if you want to be ranked first by God then choose to become a servant for everybody, that is put everybody else’s needs ahead of your own.” There appears to be several judges that we can “Show” for, the world, the people around us, ourselves, or God.

So, I will work at being the best in God’s eyes.With God it is all about being kind, thoughtful, valuing people, gracious, putting yourself last, and loving. If everyone was working at being the “Best” in God’s eyes it would be so much easier, but many are working at being the best in their own eyes and the world’s eyes and the standard is position, power, possessions, and prestige. Now, in order to be the best you have to love your enemies and be nice to those who are mean to you. I won’t be able to pull this one off without lots of help from God.

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