Mom’s Memorial Service

Today we had my Mom’s memorial service up in Trout Lake, Washington at Jonah Camp which is the Christian camp that my Mom started about 20 years ago. Mom, my brother Jeff and his wife Beki sold the family farm and used the money to buy the old school, the one I graduated from High School at, and started the camp, so it was fun to have the service there. It was a great service with lots of stories told about Mom. I knew that she was ambitious, and a dreamer, but hearing all the stories all together made her seem like super woman, like a legend. I was blessed with such great parents who influenced my life so much. I had read in the last couple of months quite a bit of material that mom had written or others had written about her life, and I put it all together, organized it, rewrote it, and reduced the length a little bit to come up with her life story. Each of us 4 brothers took a section of it and read it in the service today. It took about 40 minutes to read it all, but it sounded so good and so honoring to her. It was a good day together with all of us kids there, most of the 24 grandkids, 85 grandkids, and many other people who had been influenced by Mom over the years.

It is always a mystery to me as I think about the huge difference between people and the reasons why some are so productive, like my Mom, and others do very little with their life, and are mostly just consumers. I want to be a person who bears much fruit in my life, but even more than that I would like to influence many others to be very significant people. That was the most impressive thing today, to hear from so many high performance people who, at least in part, are champions because of Mom’s influence. My Mom lived her life well and finished strong.

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