Burying Mom

Today we had Mom’s burial service. We buried her right next to my Dad in the Trout Lake cemetery, and we did it just like my Dad’s. We built Dad’s casket, but Mom had purchased an antique quilt box years ago and had said that she wanted that to be her casket. When she died on Friday we got a local doctor to sign the death certificate, then Patty and others cleaned Mom up, dressed her in her favorite cloths, combed her hair and put her in the box. Today a bunch of family drove to Trout Lake and we sang some of Mom’s favorite songs, shared stories about her life, then us boys loaded her into the back of the pickup and drove her up to the cemetery. Everyone else drove up as well and we lowered her into the hole, sang another favorite song, and shoveled in some dirt. We ended the day by praying, thanking the Lord for the gift of her life to all of us. The entire day was so beautiful, the sun was shining, there was snow on the ground, and Mt Adams filled much of the northern sky. Mom had 5 children, 24 grandchildren, and 85 great grandchildren plus husbands and wives of the children and grandchildren so there is a great gang of family, though not all were able to make it today. We are going to have an awesome Memorial service in 2 weeks with lots of music, pictures, and testimonies. My Mom lived an amazing and full life and influenced many people. She ran the race of life hard and finished a winner. It would have been so cool to have heard the first words of Jesus to Mom as He welcomed her into His home. Today was a very good day for me as we celebrated Mom’s life. Most of my grieving was done over the last couple of weeks so today was a day of great joy. I will miss Mom and I will continue to thank the Lord for all that I am because of her, but I won’t be sad again because she is gone, I will just anticipate seeing her some day in heaven.

2 thoughts on “Burying Mom

  1. Julie Vawser

    Your mom was an amazing woman of God and so loved by all the staffies who came through her kitchen. My daughter, Ellie, learned how to work hard and how to make huckleberry cinnamon rolls from Grandma Duke.



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