Bicyle Trip for 2020

This year for our bicycle trip, my brother Cliff and his wife Kathy and I, will do an unsupported ride unless someone volunteers in the time before we go. An unsupported trip is where you carry everything on the bicycle that you need for the days that you ride. I have paniers which are like saddle bags on a horse, two in the front and two in the back.imageThe ones in the front have 15 pounds in each bag and the ones in the back have 20 pounds in each bag for a total of 70 pounds. Included in what we carry is a small tent, a sleeping bag, extra cloths, towel, food, a little propane stove, dish, glass, fork, spoon, and knife. We will buy extra food along the way as we ride. This years trip will be 2,200 miles and we will ride it in 40 days. leaving May 25th and getting back July 3rd. We will go from our house over to the coast, down the coast all the way down to near San Fransisco, then we will go East into Nevada, then up into Idaho and then back home. I use a bicycle trip routing app to plan the trip and another App to find campgrounds to stay at. These bicycle trips and my one hour every day of riding on my stationary bike is what keeps the Parkinson’s at bay in my life, so far, so good. If anybody reading this wants to go just let me know.

5 thoughts on “Bicyle Trip for 2020

  1. Sharon Pryor

    If you are planning to come anywhere near Meridian or Boise Idaho, Breck Hansen and I would be glad to furnish a meal, warm showers, a place to camp and maybe more if we are able.
    Sharon Pryor 541.401.1212
    Breck Hansen 208.921.1182



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