I want

We all have in us desires and wants. Some of the things we want are selfish, worldly, even evil. But some of the things we want are very noble and good. In Psalm 37:4 God says, “delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart”. I love that verse and the phrase ” He will give me all the desires of my heart”. All of my desires, the good and godly and the evil and the selfish are all in this control room in my mind and the one that is strongest is at the top having most control over my life. The worldly and selfish desires naturally float to the top in the control room of my mind, and when that happens I am controlled by those desires. I have to choose and exercise self-control over my heart to keep the noble, God pleasing desires at the top. When those God pleasing desires are at the top of my heart He gives them to me, He promises He will, but I have to guard my heart continuously so that the selfish desires that are so numerous and strong don’t take over the castle of my heart. One of the disciplines that helps immensely to keep my mind and heart focused on God honoring activities is to set goals that I believe are the will of a God for my life, and to read those goals at least once each week.

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