Bicycle trip Planning

I am going to go on a one month bicycle trip this coming summer in the month of June. I was working for a little while on the route this evening. I kept changing my mind once I got it down so I have about 20 different routes semi finished so now I just have to finish one of them after I pick which one it will be. As I try to decide on the various routes one of the factors is the road. I have a number of apps plus google earth that I can see the condition of the road. I look at the width of the shoulder and if it has rumble strips and where they put them on the road.I can also look at one app and it will tell me how many cars drive on it each hour. I wish they had an app that I could buy that would tell me how many dogs are in a particular route, that would be amazing. After I get the route finalized then I have to look for campgrounds anywhere from 50 to 90 miles apart with definite preference for the 50 miles. I enjoy the planning part of the trip very much.

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