Growing or Stunted

What we see and experience in life physically is a picture of the spiritual world which we most often don’t understand at all. One of the clear, obvious, and easy to understand illustrations of real life is that from the moment of conception we all are in a constant state of growth. Our inner person , our heart began as we did, a single celled embryo, there was no character, but life, its trials, and it’s pressures cause us, the real us on the inside to grow in character. The purpose of life is to grow up physically and spiritually.

1 thought on “Growing or Stunted

  1. Dave

    Y E S ! ! !
    “If you haven’t learned to love…
    — and to BE love, and to DO love, and to LIVE love, most every day, most of the time —
    . . . you’ve never really grown up.”
    —© David Benedict



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