The other night I watched the Portland Trailblazers play their first game of the NBA season and they lost, but they looked pretty good. Tonight I am watching the Golden State Warriors play the Clippers. So far the Clippers are stomping the Warriors, but it is still the first quarter. I played basketball in high school and in college for two years then lots of years of church league basketball. My boys played all through high school and college and did well. I didn’t miss very many games in the 8 years that they played, sitting in the stands, yelling, cheering, praying, and covering my eyes at times. I was never very good at basketball, to slow and to short, but I enjoyed playing, and I always played as hard as I could, pretty sure that the team I was on would win every game. I remember the last basketball game I played in, I was 50 years old and we were Dads playing the sons and when it was over I thought to myself, I am not doing that again, and I didn’t.

In the New Testament the Apostle Paul uses sports a number of times to illustrate living the Christian life. In 1 Corinthians 9:24-27 he says that we as followers of Jesus should put forth the same effort in living our life as servants of Jesus that an athlete does to win. Also that we should exercise the same level of self control to grow in our character that an athlete does to win. I worked as hard as I could in a game to win, and I practiced hard as well. I need to always be diligent, self controlled, and passionate about the days I have been given and make every day count.

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