Getting Organized

What does that mean, “getting organized”? Why should I get organized, what happens if I don’t? If I choose to get organized, how do I do it? There all kinds of things that we can organize, I have a shop, and one of my goals is to organize it, which simply means I have my tools in places which makes it easy to find them when needed so that building projects can be accomplished without a lot of time being wasted looking for tools. I am not naturally an organized person, that is why my shop is a mess, and tends to be a mess a month after cleaning it all up and putting everything in its place.

Romans 1:18-20 says that we can know the attributes, the character of God by looking at creation, and for sure God is organized, everything is exactly where it is supposed to be

What I want to organize is my life. My use of time, my various responsibilities, my energy, my thoughts, my relationships with people, and my relationship with God. I don’t want those things to be driven by convenience, by whim or impulse, by circumstances, or by pressure or expectations of others. I don’t want my life to look like my shop, for sure! So how do I become more like God, how do I organize my life so that I am not feeling discombobulated, confused about where I am going and what needs to be done?

The key for me is to not operate out of my head, but from paper, IPad, or cell phone. My goals are the foundation of my organized life because they state my priorities. An unorganized life is one where way to much time is spent on the urgent instead of the important, the squeaky wheel syndrome. I read my goals daily to remind myself what the important things are in my life, and to focus on those. A daily todo list that is an expression of my goals is absolutely essential to being organized instead of hectic or confused. I read the list a dozen times a day and cross off completed items. It feels so good and so in control to cross something off of my list. Another indispensable tool to organizing our life is a calendar that we use faithfully. We write obligations, appointments, meetings, and goals down under appropriate dates and times and check regularly to see what is coming up. My iPhone and my iPad have alarms that go off an hour before, 2 hours before, a day before, and 2 days before things are due to remind me what needs done or gone to.

I know when I am living life in an organized way. I feel at peace and not frustrated by responsibilities and expectations looming ahead in my life. I feel competent and confident that I will be successful in accomplishing what is expected of me by others and myself. A great blessing of being organized is that pressure doesn’t turn into stress and anxiety. Pressure is a good thing because it motivates me to action, but stress and anxiety make life miserable and kills us.

Being organized as a person is one of my weakest areas, but I am working on it relentlessly, even my shop.

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